Ivana Oliva to play at Phnom Penh's 20th International Music Festival 2023

Ivana Oliva to play at Phnom Penh's 20th International Music Festival 2023

Date: Saturday, 4th November, 2023 Time: 11am
*Matinee as part of the 20th International Music Festival - Phnom Penh
Hotel Raffles Le Royal, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Artistic Director: Anton Isselhardt

At the upcoming International Music Festival Phnom Penh 2023, this matinee features the virtuoso guitarist Maria Ivana Oliva. In collaboration with Italian Cambodia Arts, this concert promises to be an exquisite celebration of artistry that transcends boundaries and unites cultures.

Maria Ivana Oliva: A Guitar Maestro

Hailing from Taranto, Italy, she has dedicated her life to mastering the classical guitar. Her journey began at a young age and has been marked by unwavering dedication. Graduating with honors from the Conservatory "G. Paisiello" in Taranto, she went on to achieve academic excellence, earning degrees in Economics and Commerce from the University of Bari, as well as a II-level Master's degree in Leadership and Management of Education from the University of Roma Tre.

Yet, Oliva's musical exploration extended beyond the conventional. Her study of the 16th-century Vihuela's tablature and collaborations with the "Musica Antiqua" group to revive Italian popular repertoire from the 16th and 17th centuries showcased her commitment to musical heritage.

A Performance Highlighting Italian Composers

At the core of Oliva's concert is a curated repertoire, prominently featuring works by celebrated Italian composers. The compositions of Mauricio Giuliani and Niccolò Paganini. Simultaneously, the influence of Francisco Tárrega infuses a further Mediterranean angle.

Mauricio Giuliani (1781-1829) stands as one of the eminent figures in the realm of Italian classical guitar composition. His "Variations on a Theme of Handel Op 107" exhibit his intricate melodic phrasing and technical brilliance, which will be showcased during the concert.

Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840), the legendary Italian violinist and composer, is represented through his piece "La Clochette de Paganini (La Campanella)," known for its technical brilliance.


Adult tickets are priced at $10, while students with identification or children under 16 can access the concert for $3 (available at the door only). To book tickets contact artplusfoundation@gmail.com