Opera 2023

Opera 2023
Poster by artist Christian Develter

Coming in Cambodia in December 2023

The team responsible for 2 sold-out Operas productions in Cambodia in 2018 and 2019 is now expanded and actively working to stage one of the largest classical music event in Cambodia with over 70 performers on stage - Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini. We celebrate Italian Opera in grand style to celebrate composer Giacomo Puccini’s centenary and the 70th anniversary of Japan-Cambodia diplomatic relations.

Official Website: https://www.madama-butterfly.org/

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Note that tickets are currently sold by section, with open seating. Numbered seating will start in July - your seat numbers will be automatically allocated from July onwards.

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Khmer Times preview of Madama Butterfly 2023

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Madama Butterfly is one of the world’s most famous Operas and this will be an historical first production in the country. As seen with the success of the last two productions, Cambodia is ready to welcome western high-art forms. With a cast including Italian and Japanese Opera stars, this is the musical highlight of 2023 in Cambodia.

From the Director: Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini

"We often speak of innovation, of "personalized" products, but sometimes these terms are abused, in the sense that opera is a completely unique art form compared to others. It is the only one that needs, in order to be enjoyed by the audience, a mediation, which is the one embodied by all the performers, the conductor, the director, the soloists, the orchestra, the chorus and all the staff working on it. All of this is already an actualization in itself, because grasping the moods, the sensibilities behind any given initiative, gesture, gaze or song makes each production stand on its own, different, current.

Certainly, there is then the part of the director, who always works in close collaboration with the conductor, an imprint that must be born within what was in turn the genesis of the work, to understand all that may be behind, at the base and source of what helped to ignite in Puccini that emotional spark that was essential for him, to create and compose. “Butterfly" is in some ways a musical painting aligned with the experiences of all those composers such as Ravel, Debussy, Saint Saens and Puccini himself who were attracted to the echoes of the Orient. Of this Orientalism Puccini became very precisely interested and informed, determining the ignition of his poetics towards an impossible and ideal love and that, after being sought, because of incompatibility and carelessness on someone's part, is lost. And this fracture transfers it to the West-East relationship, to the orchestra as well as to the libretto and the whole, therefore, to the interpretation."

Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini at work in Cambodia in 2019
Ai Iwasaki during her performances in 2018-2019
The Orchestra and cast at the curtain call at Sofitel in 2019
The double bass section at work in the last Opera production
Conductor Jun Isaka, musical director in Japan during the last production
Conductor Jun Isaka, musical director in Japan during rehearsals


This is a rare opportunity to showcase your support for the arts in Cambodia, as a corporation, company, or as individual lover of the arts. Operas are some of the most complex classical events to produce, because of the many technical challenges. Requirements for Madama Butterfly include a full Orchestra, a Choir, 16 cast members, 15 art/ production staff, multiple suppliers and vendors, costumes, stage design and props, lighting design, and 2 weeks of rehearsals. Most of the cast and production staff are flown in from Italy, Japan and overseas. We have an amazing team wit great expertise, but we need your help to stage this amazing production. This is a project out of love and passion for Opera, the arts, and for development of classical productions in Cambodia. We are now looking for private and corporate partners who share our vision in turning this exceptional event into a roaring success.

We are also seeking the following partners in support of this stunning production.

• Main Sponsors with packages ranging $2000, $60,000

• Italian and Japanese Beverage

• Costumes and Make-Up

• Hotels in PP and SR

• Flight Partners (Japan-Cambodia, and Italy-Cambodia)

• Local Transport Partners

• Ticketing Promotion Partners

For partnerships and sponsorships, please email the production director Gabriele Faja here

Pre-Sales Tickets

Note that tickets are currently sold by section, with open seating. Numbered seating will start in July - your seat numbers will be automatically allocated from July onwards.