Lord of The Ants / Film Screening

Lord of The Ants / Film Screening
The character of Aldo Braibanti 

June 25th / 2023 / 6pm /  @ Meta House / Free admission

ICBA Arts Committee and Meta House, in collaboration with film curator Davide Posca, will schedule a free screening of THE LORDS OF THE ANTS by director Gianni Amelio (screened in its original Italian version with English Subtitles).

Lord of the Ants (original title: "Il signore delle formiche") is a biopic which centers around the life of Aldo Braibanti, an Italian poet, playwright, and director who became a victim of a Fascist-era anti-gay law in 1968.

Braibanti's conviction stemmed from a complaint made by his partner's father, who not only sought legal action but also subjected his own son to electroconvulsive therapy in an ill-conceived attempt to cure his homosexuality. The story sheds light on the struggles faced by Braibanti, both legally and personally, as he navigates a society filled with hypocrisy, prejudice, and repression.

The film explores the impact of the Fascist-era law that criminalized leading innocent or unwary people "morally" astray, a law that was eventually repealed in 1981. It delves into the complexities of Braibanti's relationship with his young partner, the challenges they faced in a society hostile to their love, and the subsequent consequences they endured.

Lord of the Ants takes the audience on a journey through Braibanti's life, portraying his artistic endeavors, his fight for acceptance and personal freedom, and the role of a committed journalist in uncovering the truth amidst suspicion and censorship. It sheds light on the emotional and psychological toll that discrimination and persecution can have on individuals, as well as the broader societal impact of such oppressive laws.

The film stars Luigi Lo Cascio, Elio Germano, Sara Serraiocco, Jacopo Relucenti, and Leonardo Maltese in key roles. It captures the essence of the era and the struggles faced by individuals whose lives were affected by the intolerance and bigotry prevalent at the time.

Lord of the Ants is a poignant exploration of love, desire, secrecy, and the human spirit's resilience in the face of adversity. Through its compelling storytelling, it seeks to shed light on an important chapter of Italian history and raise awareness about the repercussions of discriminatory laws and societal attitudes.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv6v-zIngl8