Italian Conductor Marco Titotto in Cambodian Premier

Italian Conductor Marco Titotto in Cambodian Premier
Marco Titotto is the conductor of Madama Butterfly's Premier in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Amidst the vibrancy of the Cambodian arts, a subtle yet powerful note from Italy is set to enrich the classical music scene. Maestro Marco Titotto, an accomplished conductor, brings his baton to Cambodia.

December 10th, 2023, 5pm
Koh Pich Theatre
Conducting Madama Butterfly - The Opera

Titotto's journey into music began under the tutelage of seasoned maestros like Enza Ferrari and Renato Palumbo. With honed skills from assisting conductors such as Julius Kalmar and Claudio Scannavini, he cultivated a style that delicately unravels the essence of each composition.

Beyond the prestige of grand venues, Titotto's performances resonate in the intimate Gasteig in Munich and Lisbon's Theatre Coliseu. His baton has graced diverse orchestras worldwide, including the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Classical music has an unparalleled power to connect people, regardless of language or cultural differences. It's a force that unites, consoles, and elevates the human spirit.

In his native Italy, Titotto has quietly conducted in local gems like Teatro Comunale in Vercelli and Teatro Romano di Verona. His contributions to festivals like Luglio Musicale Trapanese and Opera Estate Festival reflect a commitment to Italy's rich musical heritage.

Titotto's repertoire includes timeless classics by Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, and Donizetti. Whether conducting La Bohème or Carmen, each performance is a nuanced exploration, revealing the essence of the composition. Collaborations with artists like Teresa Berganza and Fabio Armiliato underscore his deep commitment to the beauty of each note.

Conducting classics by Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, and Donizetti is a delicate art. My aim is to delve into the essence of each composition, allowing the audience to feel the heartbeat of the music

Beyond the Baton:
Titotto's commitment extends beyond performances; he serves as a University professor and Conductor at the Conservatory of Music "Girolamo Frescobaldi" in Ferrara. His role in education reflects a sincere effort to pass on the baton to the next generation of musicians.

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