Blue sponsors ICBA Arts Committee

Blue sponsors ICBA Arts Committee

We are pleased to announce that Blue Teamwork has officially sponsored the ICBA Arts Committee with a subscription worth $2,400/year. We are grateful for the recognition of our work and look forward to collaborating with to improve our efficiency and output.

Here are a few words from Manny, the founder of Blue:

I am thrilled to announce that has decided to sponsor the ICBA Arts Committee with $2400 worth of subscription fees. As a company that values teamwork and collaboration, we are honored to support the Arts Committee's efforts in preserving Cambodia's cultural heritage and promoting its development.
The curation of the arts in Cambodia is of great significance, and we recognize the important role that the Arts Committee within the Italy-Cambodia Business Association (ICBA) plays in this regard. The committee's work is not only vital in producing events, reviews, articles, and commentaries on the flourishing art scene in the region, but it also serves as a platform for exploring further influences and cross-cultural exchanges.
At Blue, we believe that supporting the arts is a way to give back to the community and contribute to its growth and development. We are proud to be part of this effort and to collaborate with local artists to promote the arts in Cambodia.
Thank you to the ICBA Arts Committee for their dedication and hard work, and we look forward to seeing the impact of our partnership on the arts scene in Cambodia.
Best regards, Manny

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