A-n-t-o-p-i-a / Papers

A-n-t-o-p-i-a / Papers

May 27, 2023. A Mixed-Media Participatory Installation, Performances, Collages Exhibition, and Live Concert

  • DATE: Saturday, 27th May 2023
  • TIME: Doors Open at 7:00 PM Until Late Night
  • VENUE: Seekers Spirit House, Taty 1577, B3, National Road 2, Chak Angre Phnom Penh, Cambodia (map here >)

Our journey through A-N-T-O-P-I-A continues to evolve. In the next extraordinary event, our mixed-media participatory installation A-N-T-O-P-I-A PHNOM PENH will join the exhibition PAPERS. Videos and photographs on urban transformation presented by Pisey Kosal, Miguel Jeronimo, and Carlo Santoro will stand alongside collages and paintings by three acclaimed artists from three different generations, Suos Sodavy, Chhim Sothy, and Chhan Dina. They will open perspectives on today’s life in the Cambodian cities. Also, join us for a tribute in memory of Srey Bandaul, celebrated among the founding fathers of contemporary art in Battambang province.

Immerse yourself in a unique experience that will last all night. A trip worth taking to the Seekers Spirit's garden-to-glass distillery! Exceptionally, we will reenact the bittersweet performance directed by Vannak Khun, reinterpreting the true story of Thy and Cheato. In his fantasy, the two masked brothers, wearing the flamboyant costumes of our beloved Eriq Henri Madsen, will arrive from a village in the remote province and begin to explore -intrigued- Gregory Gosselin's biomorphic sculptures made of rusted metal, Théo Vallier's nostalgic fading paintings, Jean-Pascal Vittori's "popping" collages, Tony Lefferts's groovy memorabilia, and our bizarre anthology of ready-mades, found abandoned by vendors on the streets of Phnom Penh.

You will soon find out which silkscreens will be made on the spot with Théo and Jean-Pascal's self-made press and who is behind Eriq's masks! Of course, you can't miss blending in with our music. DJ sets by Nick E. Meta and our special guest, Sao Sopheak, who will play a sensational mix of legendary songs from the glorious 1960s. Live on stage, the energy of Cambodian folk-rock group Kampot Playboys will blast the night away!

Who is involved?

A-N-T-O-P-I-A Phnom Penh - Reloaded from the European Film Festival Cambodia 2023

  • Videos and Photographs: Pisey Kosal, Miguel Jeronimo, Carlo Santoro Video Editing: David Brown Metal Sculptures: Gregory Gosselin Paintings: Théo Vallier Printings and Live Demonstration: Théo Vallier, Jean-Pascal Vittori Live Performance: Vannak Khun (director) Costumes: in memory of Eriq Henri Madsen.
    Memorabilia: Tony Lefferts DJ Sets: Nick E. Meta with special guest Sao Sopheak
  • Live in Concert: Cambodian folk-rock group Kampot Playboys
  • PAPERS Exhibition - Collages and Paintings by 3 generations of acclaimed artists: Sous Sodavy, Chhim Sothy, and Chhan Dina. Including a tribute in memory of Srey Bandaul.
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What to expect? The unimaginable, however here is a glimpse with links to images from previous editions of A-N-T-O-P-I-A Phnom Penh:

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And our Incipit Script: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid06meYKYKQTz8zggk1hbN5Jw8KeGJK23MjDXX7WtcMceVVjjoAEjSsTf1RThbqhskAl&id=100072006016209&mibextid=Nif5oz