Pianist Alberto Firrincieli visits Soundskool Music for Masterclass

Pianist Alberto Firrincieli visits Soundskool Music for Masterclass

Date: Sunday, May 5th, 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Location: Soundskool Boeng Keng Kang 1
Entrance: The event is open to the public.

Workshop Topics:

Rediscovering Classical Improvisation: Crafting Preludes in Baroque and Romantic Styles. Classical improvisation, once overlooked, is experiencing a resurgence, honoring the improvisational skills of composers like Bach and Mozart. This workshop aims to illustrate the accessibility of learning classical improvisation by guiding participants in creating simple preludes from foundational structures and expanding upon them.

Unveiling the Pedagogical Essence of Bach: Little Preludes, Inventions, and Well-Tempered Keyboards: Often viewed merely as technical exercises, Bach's Little Preludes, Inventions, and the Well-Tempered Keyboard are rich in opportunities for developing a "cantabile style" and compositional prowess. In this masterclass, participants will delve into the structural and contrapuntal intricacies of these pieces, enabling them to compose and improvise two-part inventions with fluency in the baroque style.

Mastering the Sonata Form: Insights from Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
Sonatas, quintessential compositions of the classical era, are rooted in the simple cadences between Tonic and Dominant (or Tonic and Mediant in minor keys). Through this masterclass, participants will learn to identify and utilize these cadences as the cornerstone for crafting original movements, guided by the composer's annotations in the score.

Exploring the Classical Concerto: Insights from Haydn and Mozart's Works for Keyboard and Orchestra. Participants in this masterclass will explore the dynamic interplay between soloist and orchestra in classical concertos. Through 3-4 rehearsals, emphasis will be placed on embracing the classical style, mastering articulation, and refining phrasing. The maestro may conduct and perform, or solely conduct, empowering piano students to embody the role of soloists. Concertos will be carefully selected in advance to ensure thorough preparation.

About Alberto Firrincieli is an esteemed Italian pianist, harpsichordist, composer, and scholar, boasts a distinguished array of accolades, including the Honor Award of Knight of the Star of Italy and the second prize in the International Contest “SIMM 2018 – New Music for Harpsichord”. Currently serving as Assistant Professor at Assumption University of Thailand, he is the founder of the IKA - International Keyboard Academy and the ITYO – Italian Thai Youth Orchestra. Additionally, he directs the Bangkok International Piano Festival and collaborates with numerous international institutions, contributing through recordings, publications, lectures, and performances worldwide.